A picturesque fishing village with a small harbour located on the western part of the southern coast of the Peljesac peninsula, 8 km west of Orebić. It is located in a wide bay west of Cape Sveti Liberan, on the edge of a fertile hinterland, along the Pelješac Transversal.

A beautiful natural corner with good conditions for recreation and great conditions for windsurfing. Thanks to the new bypass, this village has ceased to be burdened by huge traffic and has become a pleasant place to enjoy Croatia.


In March 2022, the new bridge to Pelješac will open, which will significantly shorten the journey to us by car. As well, there is a port in the city for those who would travel by sea. When travelling with the ferry, it is possible to travel through the town to the port in Trpanj.

Points of interest in the area

History has passed through Croatia. You can see that from the surroundings of Viganj. Here is at least a small selection of what you can visit or experience during your stay with us.


A fortified old town with streets arranged in a herringbone pattern. The Cathedral of St. Mark, the Palace of the Venetian Governors and the massive fortifications are all worth seeing.


The historic town, which was once the capital of the Dubrovnik Republic, can offer you both its rich history and a view of salinas thousands of years old.

Neretva Valley

Another experience can be a visit to the Neretva valley, where besides nature there are also irrigation canals, thanks to which the region is supplied with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Shellfish farming ponds

In addition to the places you can visit, the area around Viganj offers a gastronomic experience in the form of fresh mussels to taste.

Surfer's Paradise

Finally, there is also something for avid sportsmen. This region is ideal for anyone who is interested in surfing, windsurfing or kiting. Just rent a board and go.